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PACKAGE: German Shepherd Masterclass

PACKAGE: German Shepherd Masterclass


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Status of Harmonization (Rene Rudin)
Rationale for dog sport (Vadim Plotsker)
Values, Hazards and Pitfalls of pure dog breeding (Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler)

*WUSV Vice President Rene Rudin explains the WUSV breeding program. It represents the idea of international uniform rules in the form of a so-called 3-level breeding program – Basic, Advance and Premium.
It talks about breeding conditions, which include WB, AD, RTG, trials, show and divides them into the mentioned quality grades.

*Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler (president SV and WUSV 2015-2023) talking about values, hazards and Pitfalls in pure dog breeding. The most relevant hazards in pure dog breeding he see breeding in closed, separated populations. Then Over(Hyper) Typisation and overbreeding.

Why choose a pedigree dog and why are the dog organisations needed?

Also you can hear here very interesting talk about inbreeding (disease and inbreeding depression)
Selection in dog´s breeding.

Interesting end talk about his opinions and also from his brother Peter Messler, who was also president SV in years 1994-2002.

These lectures were recorded at the German Shepherd Dog Week in Lerma / Spain 2023 for the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs (WUSV). The organizer of the 3rd World Congress for German Shepherd Dogs was the Real CEPPA. The motto was “Quality breeding of the German Shepherd Dog” and was aimed at lovers, athletes and breeders of the German Shepherd Dog as well as veterinarians and officials. On this website in the GSD Masterclass category you will find all lectures from WUSV Lerma program in the areas of general, breeding & genetics, sport, law and WUSV.

This course offers:

This requirements are needed:

What will you learn from this course

  • Why choose a pedigree dog
  • Why are dog organisations needed
  • Informations about inbreeding and overbreeding
  • Informations what is Over/Hyper typing
  • Selection in dog´s breeding
  • Problems of pure dog breeding
Herr Rene Rudin

Our Expert

René Rudin

  • Vice President WUSV from 2018 to today
  • Continental Director Europe of the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs 2015 – 2018
  • President VKAS, 2012 – 2022

René Rudin was born in Basel in 1953. Military dog handler in 1973-1983. He has been an executive judge of the IGP (IPO) since 1973. Since 1979 he has also been a breeder of German Shepherd dogs – the kennel “vom grand Filou”. Judge for exterior and creditworthiness checks at the SKG since 1982 and at the SV since 1985. Instructor and expert for heads of protection services and protection service assistants regarding fundamental principles 1988 – 2009

His other roles and achievements include:

  • Member of the Central Board, SC, 1986 – 2011 –

Youth representative in the SC, 1986 – 1988

  • Chief behavior assessor with training and further education mandate for judges and Candidate, SC, 1988 – 1997
  • Expert in entrance and final exams for behavioral + Exhibition Judge, SC, 1988 – current
  • Speaker at the SKG training seminar for behavior assessors in 1995
  • President of the Breeding + Licensing Commission, SC, 1997 – 2011
  • Management of the breeding and licensing office (stud bookkeeping), SC, 1997 – 2011
  • Member of the breeding and licensing committee SC 1988 – current
  • Member of the working committee on breeding issues, SKG, 1998 – 2007
  • Certificate of Merit SKG for special merits in cynology 2023
  • Speaker at various training seminars for breeding managers, SKG – Co-author of the breeding and registration regulations (ZER), SKG 2003 and 2016
  • Management and speaker at various training seminars for SC breeders – Author of the guide for the introduction of behavioral assessments
  • Auditor of the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs (WUSV), 2001- 2018
  • Various Judge activities on all continents, some with seminars for behavior and breeding
  • Instructor recognized by the Federal Veterinary Office (BLV) at the SC#Akademie for subject-specific, job-independent training
  • Head of the SC Academy, 2009 – 2016
  • Honorary member Switzerland. German Shepherd Club (SC) 2011
  • Member of the working group “German Shepherd Dog Health”. Germany or the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs (WUSV).
  • Founder of the Association of the Federal Veterinary Office (BLV) recognized training organizations for specialist, professionally independent training in cynology, cynology association Training Switzerland (VKAS) 2014
    Certificate of Merit SKG for special merits in cynology 2023
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler

Our Expert

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler has been President of the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (SV) since 2015 and WUSV until 2023.

Professor Heinrich Messler was born in Cologne in 1950.He is a German physician and specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, special orthopedic surgery and physiotherapy.
He teaches as a professor at the medical faculty of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.Since 1991, Messler has been chief physician of the orthopedic clinic at the Neuwerk Order Hospital in Mönchengladbach. Since 2005 he has also been Medical Director there. His main areas of focus in the surgical field were joint replacement operations, other areas of specialization were conservative orthopedics and spinal, hand and foot surgery. Under his leadership, orthopedics at the Neuwerk hospital has developed into a focus of care in the field of hip and knee endoprotheses.

On May 29, 2015, he was elected the new president by the general meeting of the SV in Lahnstein am Rheinof the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (SV) e.V. with headquarters in Augsburg. His re-electiontook place in 2019.
He has been a member of the SV since 1968 and breed warden since 2001the local group Mönchengladbach. He has been a member of the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (SV) e.V. since October 1st, 1968.From 1987 to 1991 he held the position of breed warden in the Cologne-Gremberg local group.

From 1991 to 1999 he was chairman of the local group in Cologne and from 2001 to 2017 he was breed warden local group Mönchengladbach.
In the past, Professor Meßler was also a successful breeder himself. His kennel “vonAducht” was founded in 1973. His greatest breeding successes were the well-known sire”Argus von Aducht”, the youth winner and multiple VA male “Mack von Aducht” and 5th place in the Breeding group competition on BSZS in 2002.

His second great passion besides the German shepherd is fly fishing. With self-made flies, he has tracked the scaled game on almost all rivers and seas in the world.
It is certainly interesting that his brother Peter Messler was also President of the SV from 1994 to 2002. Kennel “von Tronje” where many very successful dogs were bred.


Our Expert

Vadim Plotsker

  • United Schutzhund Clubs of America – President
  • United Schutzhund Clubs of America – Performance Judge
  • WUSV Board of Directors

I live in Amherst, New Hampshire USA(one hour north of Boston) with my wife Colleen, who I have know for over 42 years since we were in gradeschool, our three german shepherds and a yellow Labrador. Our two children, Isabell and Isaac are both studying at universities, one in Nashville and the other in Boston.
Since becoming a performance judge, I have judged many trials throughout the country, and around the world including:
Championship Judging:

  • USA Southwest LGA (B & C)
  • USA Northwest LGA (B & C)
  • USA Southeast LGA (B & C)
  • USA New England LGA (B & C)
  • Real CEPPA (Spain) National Championship (B)
  • USCA (USA) Working Dog National Championship 2022 (B)
  • WUSV World Championship Randers, Demark 2022 (B)
  • USCA (USA) Working Dog National Championship 2023 (C) Scheduled
  • CCMPA (Mexico) Champiosnip/WUSV Qualification 2023 (A, B, C) Scheduled
  • MNJK (Hungary) WUSV Qualificaiton 2023 (B) Scheduled
  • COAPA Champioship 2023 – Scheduled

I have been a figurant(helper) for over 30 years. I have helped many friends achieve their canine sport goals, including podium finishes at numerous world and national championships.

Team USA Captain:

  • 2017 FCI World Championship
  • 2017 WUSV World Championship
  • 2018 WUSV World Championship (co-captain)
  • 2021 WUSV World Championship
  • I am an active trainer myself, and in the past 17 years, I have also titled and competed with dogs from BH to IGP3 FH 1.
  • 1.Eik vom Haus Larwin BH, SchH3/IPO3 HOT Competed in the New England Regional Championship twice and in the USCA National Championship in Kansas City.
  • 2. Natan Milvel BH, AD, IPO3, FH – 2014, 2015 New England Regional Championship – 2014, 2015 USCA National Championship – 2015, 2016 AWDF – 2015 Working Dog Championship
  • 3. Woody v.h. Zuidpark BH, AD, IGP3, FH – 2017 New England Regional Championship – 2018, 2019 WUSV Qualification Trial – 2018, 2019, 2021 Working Dog Championship – 2018, 2019, 2021 USCA National Championship – 2019 WUSV Modena, Italy(6th place)
  • 4. Imzedrift’s Sam BH, IGP1
  • We are all truly fortunate to enjoy this beautiful sport. Enjoy every second with your dog. See you all on the fields.