Expert Knowledge for Dog Lovers: Canimaster's Courses in Cynology, Dog Sports, and Breeding

Dive into the world of dogs with Canimaster! Our top-notch courses provide you with comprehensive expert knowledge in the fields of cynology, dog sports, and breeding. Learn from the best to elevate your passion for dogs to a new level. Discover our high-quality training programs now and embark on your path to a successful future in the realm of canine knowledge and practice.

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Our Courses

Our courses at Canimaster provide concentrated expertise and enhance your practical skills. Discover now how to better understand the world of dogs and enjoy exciting learning opportunities.

Why Canimaster?

Because our courses at Canimaster offer valuable knowledge from recognized experts from around the world. They will help you expand and improve your professional knowledge and ultimately practical skills in the dog world. We offer a wide range of information on breeding, training, health, genetics, as well as information on the functioning of various canine organizations.

Petra Furstova
Expert-Lead Learning

Unlock knowledge from industry experts. Our courses are guided by seasoned professionals, offering you unparalleled insights into dog training, breeding, and more.

Flexible Learning Experience

Tailored learning, your way. With Canimaster, you can learn whenever and wherever suits you. Our online courses provide a seamless and adaptable learning experience.

Recognized Certification

Elevate your profile with certified expertise. Completing our courses not only boosts your skills but also grants you a recognized certification, enhancing your credibility in the realm of dog training and breeding.

Our Experts

Content from trusted canine experts in the field of canine science.

Vadim is a member of WUSV board and president of USCA. He is an active IGP competitor and judge. Vadim is a working dog lover and has an extensive overview. Thanks to Canimaster, you can enjoy his lecture and interview from the Lerma congress.
Mr. Vadim Plotsker
Margit van Dorssen
Margit has been a famous German Shepherd breeder for 45 years. She is the owner of the well-known kennel "von Arlett". In 1996, she became a SV judge. You can also draw on her many years of experience and advice here at Canimaster.
Ms. Margit van Dorssen
Herr Rene Rudin
Mr. Rene Rudin has been the vice-president of WUSV since 2018. He started as a military dog handler in 1973 and during that time he went through many positions and gained a lot of experience. He is a breeder, judge and lover of the German Shepherd breed.
Mr. Rene Rudin
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler
President of SV and WUSV in the years 2015-2023, the owner of the "von Aducht" kennel. A highly respected orthopedist in his profession, specializing in traumatic injuries. He gave several quality lectures at the congress in Lerma, which you can enjoy here at Canimaster.
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Messler

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